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Rent a Car Chania- Choose from the best!


Heraklion is a great destination for unforgettable vacations! With your rental car you will have the opportunity to visit all the places of historical and archaeological interest, and you will love the countless beaches in Heraklion!

You will meet all the downtown’s many attractions, pedestrian streets with many shops, nice bars and hidden taverns with traditional dishes!

Do not forget:

To walk along the Heraklion harbor and the Venetian fortress Koules, built around 1530 to protect the port, while on the wall now, has been formed a pedestrian zone overlooking the sea.

To walk down the best preserved fortifications in the Mediterranean, which was built during the Venetian rule from 1462 until 1669. The walls of Heraklion were so well designed that the 20-year siege of the Ottomans would last much longer if it wasn’t betrayed.

To visit the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, one of the most important in Greece, with the richest collection of Minoan civilization.

To visit the archaeological site of Knossos. It is really a treasure of bronze age, the center of the Minoan civilization. The findings betray that the palace was built in 2000 BC while many elements, walls, columns and even murals were excavated intact of time.

To stroll to Cretaquarium aquarium with many species, in a beautifully designed space! After the visit you can enjoy a swim at the beach below and enjoy a coffee or a drink in the coffee bars that you find on your way!

And of course to visit the beautiful beaches of Heraklion! With the famous beach of Matala, 70 km from the city center with a beautiful pedestrian street full of coffee bars and restaurants, and the little famous beach. Next to Matala, you will find the beautiful beach Kommo, which was once the Phaistos harbor in 2000 BC. A sandy beach, really huge with unique sunsets, and many nests of Caretta caretta turtles, which if you are lucky you will see the babies in the dawn descending to the sea during August. Tamarisk, dunes, and long walks through the beach! Agia Pelagia near the center of Heraklion, only 24 km, is very popular as it is protected from winds all summer. Known and unique beaches, each for a different reason are, the traditional Fodele, birthplace of El Greco, Malia, popular for its wild parties, as well as Chersonisos, and of course … Agiofarago! A beach near Matala where to get to this heavenly beach, you have to walk through the Gorge!

With a car rental, you will find all the unique attractions of Crete and of course explore all the beautiful beaches!