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Rent a Car Chania- Choose from the best!

Gavdos Island

Gavdos is an island of unique beauty, which belongs to the prefecture of Chania, about 25 nautical miles off the southern coast of Crete in the Libyan Sea. This special island, retains its pristine beauty and is despite the long journey to reach, a touristic attraction during the summer months!

With beaches where you will see mostly tents for camping and minimal accommodation compared to the people that the island receives annually, Gavdos is the southernmost part of Greece! The capital of Gavdos is the village of Kastri while the archaeological findings show that the island was inhabited since Neolithic era!

For the lovers of alternative tourism, Gavdos is ideal as it offers many trails in nature, paths that lead to beautiful beaches, incredible designs from the trunks of the cedars, even natural clay for detoxification and embellishment at the beach!

The most popular beaches for their beauty but also for free camping are Sarakiniko, St. John and Korfos. In the northeast of Gavdos, you will see a small island named Gavdopoula (little Gavdos)!

The only way to get to Gavdos, is by boat from Paleochora, Sougia and Sfakia. The car rental to arrive is very convenient, especially if you plan to continue on your way back, your exploration around Crete!