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Car Rental Tips – Avoid fines

When you have a rental car, there aren’t many reasons to get fined! So here are some tips to avoid a fine:

Do not talk on the phone while driving! It is illegal in Greece, and the cost of the fine is 100€
If you drive faster than the limits of the territory, you will certainly get a fine. Depending on the speed excess the fine varies from 40€ to 350€ when you exceed more than 30km/h from the limit.
When you are sitted on the front of the car, you should always wear your seatbelt. The fine is 350€ and driving license removal.
When you are in a main road, be careful to be sure that the overtaking is legal. If not, the fine is 700€
And of course, never ever make a red light violation! It’s the same fine as above (700€) because it is really dangerous.